How to Review Bank of America Overdraft Settlement Law Suit

Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial institution of America. It is ranked as the 2nd largest bank in America on basis of assets.  But bank of America is charged with a law suit. According to the lawsuit bank of America charged debit card transaction overdraft fees, only on those accounts that could cover this purchase. For Bank of America Over settlement members can visit

After extensive negotiations both parties reached a settlement. A settlement of .5 million has reached on the claim that bank of America reached the contract of its customers and charged them unfairly on debit card transactions. This is a breach of the contract of bank of America with their customers.

The frame for negotiations is from May 27- 2011 to February 5-2016. Class members who were charged during this time frame on transactions during this time frame is included in settlement. The settlement is said to include 3 million class members.

The settlements include all bank of America checking accounts holders within America and they were charged overdraft fees on transaction within the time frame of May 27 2011 to February 5 2016.

Details about Individual Class Members

If a single class member require details on individual level can ask questions online or via phone or via email. Websites are set so that related personal can remain up to date about the lawsuit and settlement details. If anyone is eligible for the settlement the details can be obtained from one of the following means.

To ask questions click on the link To ask questions on phone call the following number of settlement administrator 1-866-960-5963.

You can ask question via email. Email your questions at

Information about the Settlement

You can get information about the details of the settlements at You can get updates and status for class members from this link as well.

All questions related the cash claims are answered by settlement administrators. Just use one of the above means to contact them. Other FAQ’s are answered at

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