How to Apply for Pre-Qualified Walmart Credit Card

Walmart is a multinational American retailing company. It has a chain of branches located in over 28 countries. It operates under different names in different companies like it operates under the name seiyu in japan.  It has different discount stores, retail stores and clubs, over 11000 to be quantitate. All the members can Apply for Pre-qualified Walmart Credit card by visiting

Walmart is now offering pre-approved credit cards to its customers. Some selected customers are informed that they are eligible to apply for Walmart credit card. These customers can apply and get the credit card without any delay or checking as evert thing is pre-approved. Using Walmart credit card you can get a lot of perks that are not offered to just anyone.

How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card?

Once you get the mail that you are preapproved, you can apply online for the Walmart credit card. Just fill out the online form and you get a reply within minutes. You can apply Online By visiting

To start the procedure, you need to enter your acceptance number and last name. Acceptance number is mentioned on the mail you received. It is an 11 digit code and it guides the system to your acceptance details. If the details meet the Walmart standard then you get an approval in less than a minute. Your credit card is then mailed to you.

Once you enter your acceptance number, you are asked to fill out a form. The form requires some basic information like name, address, contact email etc.

Features of Walmart Credit Card

Why would one want a Walmart credit card? Well it’s simple. Using Walmart credit card you can avail a lot of features that are not offered to regular customers. If you change your mind after reading this article then you can visit for Appling Online.

Firstly, the card has no annual fee. You can become a member without the worry of annual fees. Once you get your credit card, you are assigned a FICO score for free. You also get fraud protection. It is available automatically and all fraud charges are reset once it is proved.

You can get discount and special offers using Walmart card as well. You get 5 cents off on every gallon you purchase from Walmart gas station. Card holders also get special financing on purchases make in 6 to 24 months from Walmart. You don’t receive any interest on items if they were paid in full. The best part is that you can request for extra 0 from Walmart cashier.

There are two types of Walmart card available. You can request one of them. There is customer credit card and Walmart master card. Customer card can only be used for in Walmart purchases while master card can be used outside Walmart where master card logo is accepted. - All the people who are older then 50 years can AARP Activation by visiting and manage their account....

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