How to Citi Bank Costcoanywhereapply for Costco Anywhere Visa

All the firm members of Citi com Costcoanywhereapply for Costco Anywhere Visa by simply visiting All the members which are allowed to Citi com Costcoanywhereapply must receive an invitation mail from the bank. Because every bank customer can not apply for this service. Following is explanation how to apply and its benefits.

Method for Citi com Costcoanywhereapply

There are basically three ways for apply Citi Costco. Appling online is one of the fastest way for it. This method works by sending application via webmail. But firstly, you have to fill the online short forum. Then you have instantly response to click apply because applying online gets fastest response.

Online Applying:

Online Applying requires to open official website of Citi bank. But be sure that firstly you receive an invitation via mail. The mail be 9 digits code which will be above the name and address. Then you have to fill all the fields in the official website for Appling online.

Appling by Phone:

It is also a second fastest method for Appling by phone. This process requires to chat with customer service and give them all the account information. Just call on the customer service phone number 1-866-553-0844 to apply on phone.

Appling via Mail:

If you have decided to apply via mail then I remind you that it is one of the slowest method. It can take up to 7 days. You have to complete the short application which will be attached to your mailer. Means you have to send via mail. The answer will probably come within a week.

Advantages of Citi com Costcoanywhereapply

Cash back is basically a type of reward which is for every purchase. This is normally rewarded on the February Billing Statements. Following is the breakdown of the percentage.

4% cash back:  on eligible gas worldwide including Costco gas for the first $7,000 per year then 1% thereafter

3% cash back:  on restaurant and eligible travel purchases worldwide

2% cash back:  on all other purchases from Costco and

1% cash back:  on all other purchases


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