How to Apply Pre-Approval for Capital One Credit Card

Capital, one is the eight largest bank holding company in United States. It is widely famous for its credit card and loan programs. Capital one offers its customers programs on easy terms. That is the reason it is widely preferred throughout the states. It is also listed as the 9th largest bank in states according to assets.

Now Capital one is offering pre-approved credit cards to its selected customers. If you receive a mail with an invitation to apply for Capital one credit cards by visiting The process is simple and you get a response immediately. There are no lengthy checks or credit scores you just need to apply and you get your credit card.

How to Apply Capital One Credit Card

The procedure to apply is simple. Just visit to apply online. You are required to enter your reservation code or invitation code and access code to apply. Reservation code or invitation code is a 16 digit code. It is mentioned on the mail you received. Access code is a 6 digit code. It is also mentioned on the mail you received. Once you enter these codes you can begin your applying procedure.

In the procedure, you are required to enter some required information such as name, address, employment status, salary etc. when you submit this information you get a response within a minute. Once you are done your credit card will be mailed to you.

If you haven’t received the mail and you want to apply then you have to check whether you meet the required standard. To check visit and on the bottom of the page you will see an option to “check if you are pre-qualified”. Then you can begin the procedure to see if you meet the required standard.


Capital one offer credit card for all credit score types. You can apply with poor, good and excellent credits. There are different offers for different types of credits. Depending on credit conditions you can avail few offers. Each offer has unique features and different rates.

Excellent credit gets less APR and better interest rates with more features. You can view different offers and choose the one that suits you best and it is in range of your credit. You can apply for free, online or by mail. From a line of various personal credit cards, you can choose freely with best conditions.



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