How to Pay Bill through Franciscan Alliance Online

Franciscan alliance is a medical institution that operates in Indiana and parts of Illinois. It is providing standard medical services to local people. It has over 10 branches in these areas and operates 24/7 to provide health care facilities to people. If you receive a billing statement from Franciscan alliance then don’t panic. All the Patients who just received Billing Statement can visit for Online Payment.

You don’t have to make extra time or fee to pay this bill. Franciscan alliance is now providing the facility to pay off your bill online. You can visit Online by visiting Online

Online bill payment facility is provided to all customers. It is fast, easy and secure. You don’t need to make any extra payments as well as it is completely free. The payment method is simple and once you set up your account you can make payments in a matter of minutes.

How to Make Online Payments

To make online payments you need to login to your online account. An account with your billing statement and details is already created. You can access this account using you login details that are mentioned on the billing statement. You need an account grantor number and your date of birth. Both of these are mentioned on the billing statement you received.

You can view your billing statement on your online account. It is same as the one you received but you can ask questions regarding dues, details and charges from your biller directly. Just send them an email through your online account and they respond as quickly as possible. For a Quick Respond, you can visit

How to Make Payment via Mail/Phone

You are not bound to make payments online necessarily. You can also make payments via mail. The mailing address is mentioned on the billing statement. Just mail it there directly. It takes an average of 5 to 7 days for the payment to reach the biller using mailing system.

You can make payments on the phone as well. Just dial 1-866-903-0436 to speak to customer service and you can make the payment using electronic check by phone.

How to make Online Payment

For online Payment Visit Online payment can be make payment using credit card or by electronic draft. Just enter your personal account number and credit card number and other required details when using credit card. You have to type in personal checking account number, bank routing number etc. while using electronic draft.

Once you are set for making online payment just click on pay and it will be directly transferred to your biller in a matter of minutes. This process is preferred because you can make payments from home, in minutes, at any time or day. And best of all, it free.

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