How to Manage Account of Blue Apron

Blue apron is an American based meal kit service. It supplies ingredients and recipe for two or four person meal. It sends meal boxes weekly with pre ordered ingredients. Blue apron has already shipped over 8 million meals kits by September 2016. It is well demanded due to its fresh produced ingredients and hormone free meat. You can also avail it by visiting their website

Blue apron now offers its customers to monitor and manage their orders through blue apron online account. The login procedure is simple and free. Customers can sign up in few minutes and enjoy the features provided by blue apron online account.

How to Get Your Own Login Account?

If you already have an account then simply login using the link

If you are new, syou can either create a new account or login using your Facebook account. Click on the above link and get started. To login using Facebook account just click on the respective option in the above link. Enter your login details and you will login easily.

If you want to create a new account then click on sign up option. Fill in the form that requires basic information such as your email address, password, zip code, name etc. click on submit to create your account. Once you receive the confirmation mail, you can access the complete features of blue apron online account.

Features of Blue Apron Login

Blue apron online account login on website provides many features that are useful for its customers. Firstly you can view your remaining balance and the balance that you owe. You can check your delivery schedule and the next delivery date. The delivery date is displayed next to your schedule on the right of your screen.

The order total shows the next amount that you have to pay and on time it is deducted from your account. The order total shows the amount that you owe and is deducted from your credit card.

You can view your past orders as well with date of delivery. Just check your delivery history. You can make changes in your personal information like name, address etc. all your information is available in your account. To make changes go to account settings. Click on edit and make the changes you want and save to make them permanent. Make sure you check the “changeable by” date. Make changes before this date or you have to wait till the next date is uploaded.

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