How to Pay Online Mortgage to Loan Depot

All the consumers Loan Depot can depot their loan online through This facility is available to their consumer all the time. Means 24 hours and seven days in a week. Means you can easily access this portal anytime you want. Moreover, it is completely free of cost.

Method for Login Administration

The simple way to get started is by visiting the home page For login, you have to enter your user id and then password. Make sure that you enter credentials in the right field. You must keep in mind that if you are new user then you have to register.

It is also really simple to register. For registration, you must fulfill all the fields. You have to fulfil all the login credential including user id, name and password. Then you have to pass through the security to verify your account.

After you have registered make sure that you save all the credential in a safe place. You can also safe it in multiple places because in loss you will have access of them. I inform you that while logging in you will only have three attempts and I you failed it would be difficult for you. Because then you have to speak with live agent. Because your account will be blocked.

Method for Payment in Login Administration

Once you have login then you will be able to view all your account info. You can easily view all the things like bank statements including balance, monthly balance, payment history, statement, etc. It is really safe to do online Payments from there. By setting up bank account draft one can easily make online payment. Then you have to setup your bank routing number. Then you have to check your account number.

Another great facility includes to paying by phone. Just make a phone call to pay. It is one of the great facility also. If you don’t have internet or having internet outage then you can pay from phone. Because sometimes in emergency nothing is available.

Method to Pay by Phone

For availing this service, you must have customer service number. Which is given here 1-866-258-6572.  Secondly you must have a simple phone with some balance in it. So, you can make a call. Then you can call on customer service and start giving all the important credentials so, they can verify your account. This automate service is also available 24 hours for receiving payments. But service senates are available 7am to 7pm Central standard time Monday – Friday 8:30am to 8pm.

Paying via Mail.

It is one of the slowest method. You have forward you check with loan number mentioned on your check to:

  1. PO Box 60005
  2. Los Angeles, CA  90060-0005.

This method is too long instead if you want fastest payment then you must visit to

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