How to Thebuildcard apply for FS Built Credit Card

Consumers which are invited to Thebuildcard apply can easily visit Thebuildcard com apply to avail their new card. Then to complete the online application process. If approved the Build Card comes with a $500 credit line and you’ll be able to manage your account info online through Card Servicing.

Method for Thebuildcard com apply

It method for applying is really simple. But keep in mind that you must receive invitation before you get started. Once you have received invitation then just go to the official website and then be prepare to enter all the important credentials. You have to enter all your info including Offer Code, Application ID, Zip code and at least 4 digits of your social security number.

Keep in mind that this process is not too long. The reason behind it is that you are one of the pre-selected members to get Thebuildcard card. So, it won’t take your much time. But still you have to give all your credentials. When it is completed then there are some possibilities that you might get a $500 credit line.

Review of Thebuildcard

This card is basically designed for those people who wish to build their credit. This also for those consumers who wants to rebuild their credit. Their target for individuals is credit scores under 600. This card is indeed great when you undergoing from some of the difficult times of you lives. You have hope from there and can a fresh start again.

It is basically a type of unsecured card. Means you do need any type of deposit to start this card. It is also great for some of the build card member or consumers. One of its great features include that when your Thebuildcard application will approved you will automatically receive $500 in your account.

The fee of this card is absolutely. You will be deducted $72 from first 500 and then onward 46 will be deducted from your account. this will be monthly fee of your account. there is also some fee deducted for account setup which will be $53 from your account. Moreover, the fastest way of getting new Thebuildcard is by Thebuildcard com apply.

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