www.60secondpremier.com – Pre-approved for First Premier Card

Have you received the pre-approved email form First Premier bank? If you are looking to get the First Premier Platinum MasterCard and also received this mail, then visit www.60secondpremier.com immediately.

First Premier Bank is offering its customers to get the Platinum MasterCard and make better credit history through sending them pre-approved mails. If you have really received it, then go to 60 second premier site and complete the online process to get the credit card. Users just have to open site and follow the simple instructions to get their First Premier Credit Card at their address within few days.

www.60secondpremier.com – How to Apply for First Premier Card

The process to apply for the First Premier Card online is discussed below. If any of you have received the pre-approved mail, then quickly follow the given below steps and get the First Premier Platinum MasterCard. These steps include:

  1. Turn on your PC and open internet browser (Make sure that device is accessed with working internet connection).
  2. Type www.60secondpremier.com in URL`s address and press enter.
  3. Enter the confirmation number there in the box and go to “Enter”. You will see the confirmation number printed on the pre-approved mail that you have received. This confirmation number will include 9 numbers and 4 letters.
  4. After submitting the confirmation number, it will ask you to give some personal information like name, contact number, address, monthly income etc.
  5. Then, submit it.
  6. It will take a minute and shows whether your application for credit card is accepted or not.

Features of First Premier Platinum MasterCard

Before you apply for the First Premier Platinum MasterCard, you should know its features. After getting the First Premier Platinum MasterCard, you can manage it and enjoy online services 24/7. Card Holders can go to www.60secondpremier.com and create an account. Through this account, they can get the details of transaction history, online statements, current balance and credit limit as well. Also, users can pay their credit card bills online free. There is no fee to login and make a payment. The most important information about the Platinum Mastercard is given below in form of points:

  • 175$ annual fee
  • 50$ of Monthly Service fee after a year
  • 6$ cash advance fee
  • 35$ late payment fee
  • 36% annual percent rate
  • 700$ credit limit
  • 150$ security deposit

These are the most important points about First Premier Platinum MasterCard that everyone should know before applying for it. After reading it, now you can apply for it easily without any difficulty by following the procedure given below.

If your application will get approved, then you will receive the credit card within few days. After that, users will have to activate their card to use it. In order to activate credit card, users will have to visit First Premier Bank site and enter their credit card number. That’s it. Now, they can use their premier card anywhere and can also manage it online.

For more information, go to www.mypremiercreditcard.com or make a call at 800-987-5521.


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