How to Apply Gold Delta Sky Miles Card

American express or commonly known as Amex is offering their customers the opportunity to apply for Gold Delta Sky Miles Offer. If you want to apply Gold Delta Sky Miles Offer then simply visit Then you have to give your login credentials for Online Login. Keep in mind you can access the website 24/7 any time you want.

American Express or Amex is an American multinational financial company. It is considered to be the 25th most valuable asset in the world. Amex provides many financial programs and offers to their customers but it widely famous for its credit card and change form programs.

Now American Express is offering a Gold Delta Miles Offer exclusively for its customers. Through this offer the customer can earn extra miles whenever they fly with Delta airlines. Even if they make purchases directly with delta they get extra miles.

Method to Avail Gold Delta Sky Miles Offer

Amex pre-selects the candidates for Delta sky miles offer and these candidates receive an opportunity to apply for Gold Delta Sky Miles Credit Card. Customers that have a good or excellent credit only, receive this offer. If you have not received this offer then your credit is probably below the required credit rate. Also, people receiving this offer are frequent flyers with Delta airlines.Once you receive this offer you can apply for Gold Delta Sky Miles Credit Card through the following link

When you apply for the card you need to see the fill some basic information like employment, account, zip code and personal information by visiting You also need to enter an RSVP code. You get your RSVP code in mail you received. It is a 14-digit code. It is used to match your credentials that are already set up at the backend. Once your credentials are matched your online account for Gold Delta Sky Miles is created.

Your account is approved within minutes as everything is already set in place. Through this account you can monitor your credits, purchases, miles and much more. After the account is created your Gold Card is mailed to your home.

Special Features of Gold Delta Sky Miles Card

Among many features that are offered by this credit card few noticeable ones are mentioned below

Miles as Credit

Firstly, you earn miles. Earning miles means you get credit points for how many miles you travel and how much credit you use. Later you can use these miles to purchase tickets and travel more for no money. Delta sky miles card allows every new customer to get 50,000 miles as a bonus if they make a purchase of $1000 in first 3 months of receiving the card.

Other than that, for every dollar spent on purchases using Delta card you earn 2 miles. When you spend a dollar with no mileage cap, you earn one mile. These bonus miles can be seen as $50 credit in your credit card statements. All the members can also login online by visiting

Annual Fee and APR

Annual fee. For the first year there is no annual fee for the customers. Later on, it is $95 per year. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) mostly depends on a customer’s credit. The general range is 15.49% to 19.49%

Baggage Checking

First baggage check is free. This is also a money saving perk for its members. First baggage check allows the members to save money on baggage checking.

Customer Service

Other fascinating features include 20% discount on inflight purchases like food, headsets etc. members also receive priority when booking for flights. The best part is that there are no foreign transaction fees.

For more information about the Gold Delta Sky Miles Credit Card you can contact American Express or Amex’s credit card agent. They are available seven days a week to solve your issues. You can also visit in case of Any Ambiguity.

Credit card agent: 1-800-297-3276

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