How to to Confirm Receipt of This Card – Activating Costco Anywhere Citi Credit Card

Credit card holders of Costco Anywhere Visa Citi can set up activation process to confirm the receipt of the card. History of Costco card is linked with American Express card experience for shoppers but later on 2016 June Costco lunched the Visa® Card by  sign in / login for their shoppers. New vender was introduced and shoppers of Costco are a bit confused but we are writing the step by step guide how to activate process online.

Costco is popular for its retail business in USA; Costco store is offering large number of retail products for its customers, Mostly shoppers prefer to buy bulk products to get discount because of its competitive pricing and facility of credit card rewards. As Costco revamp the credit card program with Citi Anywhere Visa Card to offer additional benefits for its shoppers. – How to Activate My Citi Costco Credit Card (Visa Card)

Set up and activation process of Costco anywhere credit card is very easy

Visit the official website to find the appropriate link or browse from here sign in or login the account.

After one the relevant page and press the ‘Get Start Button’ and precede it

Enter the credit card number, date of birth, security code with last 4 digits of social security number

Now confirm receipt to complete the registration steps and keep following to complete the all process

Major Benefits of Costco Citi Visa Card (Credit Card) Anywhere

Costco is offering stunning benefits & rewards for its buyers & customers with Costco Anywhere Visa Card; we have explained the instant benefits written below.

Costco is offering its customers to earn 4% cash back for entitled gas globally; it encompasses gas at Costco to cover to spend K annually and remaining 1% of balance.

Lovers of eating at restaurants will get 3% cash back for specific list of food points and recommended eligible travel purchase globally.

Avail the 2% cash back from all purchases of Costco store and online buying from

If you are Costco member and holding to Confirm Receipt of This Card to avail the nice perks, if you will shop in bulk the benefit reward will be 2X.

If we compare the other credit cards of retail stores only offer 1% cash back while Costco is offering 2%

As if you analysis yearly basis it came to know that 10 cash back is nice amount by using Costco card



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