Reviews and Offers of Speed Stik Golf

The speed stik is a training resource which is use to designed to increase your swing speed. Additionally combats an early launch or “flip.”  All the customers can get it online by visiting There’s no simpler way to promote training aids than to promise golfers extra distance. The speed stik isn’t always short on promises, claiming an increase of 20 yards or more. We placed one to the check if it lowers the ones promises.

Easy to use and setup

There’s no set up required for the usage of the speed stik, something you may always admire in a training session. Moreover, there’s no need to watch the educational material. Take it out of the container and swing away. That’s it. There may be one adjustment on the speed stik: a knob that controls how tightly the force Adjustable Magnet holds the Bullet Slider. In case you’re a slower swinger or a person who releases early (“flips”), you’ll need the lighter setting. As you swing quicker, you could flow the better tiers and still get the slider to launch from the magnet.

Capability of Speed Stik Golf

There’s absolute confidence that swinging a club rapid and doing it regularly will enhance your club head speed. You may also assume that the speed stik’s noisy release indicator” is higher than maximum others that you have examined. If you can take away your flip and upload a few MPH of club head pace, you’ll see enormous distance profits.

The only caveat you may see is that the speed stik (or any comparable instructor) alone will not maximize your distance gains. In case you need to get each bit of distance you could, you need to recollect a complete approach that consists fitness.

But if you want to see some detailed information then you can visit A very last word: the reminder grip on the speed Stik is shorter than a regular grip. You may have the moderately huge, however no longer gargantuan, palms, and yours left hand is completely off the grip.

Durability of Speed Stik Golf

In phrases of durability, the speed stik is not any higher or worse than any other swing speed instructor you may ever use. The Bullet Slider adds a bit novelty, but not a large amount. The lowest line is that, in case you’re not committed to improving your swing velocity, buying the speed Stik isn’t going to restore that.

Price of Speed Stik Golf

The speed stik retails for $99. That is same to or a piece better than other similar training materials. The speed stik is effective, and distance is king, so I think this is an affordable cost. You can also get more deals on official website.


While you shouldn’t expect overnight outcomes, the speed Stik can genuinely be a critical part of speed-enhancement program. The Bullet Slider is one of the more effective lag trainers that you may have use, and the adjustable magnet gives a good way to measure development.




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