How to Earn Kroger Feed Back 50 Fuel Points – Krogerfeedback

If you are one of the Kroger regular customer then let me tell you that you have chance to win 50 fuel points by visiting The requirements for Krogerfeedback is quite simple. If you just visited the Kroger’s store then you can have a chance to win 50 fuel points. Some other prizes also include like $100 prize. Simple way to earn Kroger 50 fuel points.

  • Simply visit the Kroger store to enter in the survey.
  • The survey form will the date of store visit and time of entry.
  • It will also require Entry ID from Kroger.
  • Use the information which is provided by Kroger store.
  • All the employs and officers of Kroger’s are not allowed to apply Krogerfeedback.
  • After 12 applying for 12 random entries you will be entered into Kroger Feed Back promotional phase. Krogerfeedback 50 Fuel Points

All the information to earn fuel points is given on the recipient from Kroger Like you give Survey of BK. The points which you will get is managed by Management of Kroger’s. Keep in mind that this survey will also include Ralph’s, Food 4 Less and City Market Food along with Pharmacy. More importantly one user will also get a chance to win $500. Make sure you enter to regularly to check account.

This winning prize will be given in the form gift Prizes. This can be used at numerous Kroger’s stores. As Kroger is an American retailing company which was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. Its headquarter is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is providing the chain of supermarket with numerous products. This is the reason that it is earning about 100 billion Dollars.

Some Kroger’s store is outside the main city. The purpose is reach people outside the cities and facilitate a supermarket near them. The new store recently opened in Hawaii and started business there from 2015.

How to Apply for Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you want to apply for Krogerfeedback customer satisfaction survey then keep in mind that you have to give a review according to your experience. Means you have to give review of that how well employs and whole company treated to you. So, you will enter the lucky draw of $100 every week.

So, simply visit website of There enter your user ID along with current date. These credentials will also be given on the krogerfeedback receipt. Then click on the start button. Then the series of questions will be started to ask from you.

Try answer every question properly. Now your survey will be started. Give your reviews that you have experienced. So, you will be automatically entering in $100 draw.

How to Earn 50 Bonus Fuel Points

Some key points of Krogerfeedback is explained right away.

  • For Applying Kroger Survey, you must be local US citizen with US nationality.
  • As after applying survey for the first 12 you will be able to promotions but in some states the promotion is not available like Sunshine State (aka Florida, Rhode Island or New York).
  • Hundred prizes will be given away as every selected person will be able to receive $100 every week.
  • Selected winners will be informed via calling on phone number or by sending mail.
  • Kroger have all the right to cancel your promotion anytime they want in case of any illegal activities.
  • The Kroger feedback winning list can be optioned any time before start of year.







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