www.tomtom.com/getstarted – How to Download my Tom Tom Application

All the members can download Tom Tom navigation and install the application by visiting www.tomtom.com/getstarted. Tom Tom is a leading global brand which deals in navigation and mapping products. Since 1991 Tom Tom had launched different navigation products.

If you have to possess a TomTom navigation device. Then the answer is yes. Then it is great idea to install application. Later in this article we will also describe the method from www.tomtom.com/getstarted.

Why you should install My Tom Tom Application

Installation of Tom Tom required to login account firstly. So, later you will be able to install your Tom Tom application. Simply follow this link in order to install the app www.tomtom.com/getstarted. On the website click on the option get started.

If you have Tom Tom car, motorcycle, truck, camper/ caravan, sport gadgets, smart phones or any other navigation gadgets than you must have to install My Tom Tom Application. My Tom Tom Application will keep your navigation devices top of the line.

Tom Tom Application for Navigation / Sports

Open the link www.tomtom.com/getstarted you will find two options, navigation and sports

On selecting the either option a drop-down menu will show the names of devices for which you want to install My Tom Tom application with distinctive versions.

Requirnments to download My Tom Tom application

If you are looking to download my Tom Tom application then let me tell you that the procedure is quite simple. But there are some specific requirnments which are listed below in detail.

  1. You need to have a Tom Tom navigation device
  2. A good internet connection
  3. Updated computing device

Steps to download My Tom Tom Application

Now discuss that how you can download Tom Tom application online. We will also tech all key steps in detail. Following are some explained steps for Downloading Tom Tom application.

There are simple steps to follow to download My Tom Tom Application

  1. Open the link www.tomtom.com/getstarted
  2. Specify your country name
  3. Click on “Get started” button
  4. Specify the version of My TomTom application download
  5. After it is installed, transfer the application on to your TomTom device

6.The application will auto update your device

Link www.tomtom.com/getstarted



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